Monday, 6 April 2015

wish craft

"when you wish upon a star
makes no difference who you are
anything your heart desires 
will come to you"   Disney

Now come on Walt, we all know that isn't strictly true, I mean I've sent food back in Disney Land for goodness sakes and once at the character breakfast Goofy touched up both me and a friend of mine during a photo opportune moment, but before I go digressing before I even start, I still do actually wish on stuff, like the chicken wishbone (which incidentally I always win) and eyelashes and what not. 

Since our recent house move I've had a pretty expansive wish list, mainly involving storage spaces and kitchen cupboards. I've also been wishing ants didn't exist, what purpose they have in the Universe I don't know, but I do know that their presence is really not welcome and they have most definitely outstayed what ever welcome they never had. I also wish that Indians knew how to make proper cheese and actually sell it in the shops and I really wish that the building land, recently acquired adjacent, would formulate into a Tesco Metro or a Cost Co or something, or at the very least a Top Shop... It's only then I realise wish lists are just that.

I have also been a little bit crafty, not in the cunning sense, because that takes a bit of intelligence, but trying to adapt or up cycle, which seems to be the blogging buzzword of 2012 so far, random household items and turn them into an episode of Extreme Make Over Home Edition (well without all the hysterical screaming of OMG when I run into each and every room) and for this I blame Pinterest...

Pinterest has really started of late to take over my life, well the early morning parts of it anyways and I am now fully qualified to discuss at length the many merits of vinegar as a cleaning agent, which glue adheres which material the most satisfactorily, which icing nozzle is the most appropriate for making Sesame Street cupcakes and I can now formulate an entire new wardrobe from a couple of old men's shirts and a patchwork quilt, so all in all it's not a total waste of time. I can also make shelving units from wine boxes and masking tape and quite frankly I am really surprised that Ty Pennington has yet to contact me to be on his team, but hey, it's his loss.

Also I've been a bit lazy with the writing and BF has constantly highlighted nagged for some time about knuckling down, in my defence I have been doing a lot of recipe development but mainly I have been rearranging furniture, championing a Brutal Insect Annihilation Mission, I've been growing pineapple trees and making a coffee and shake station (which was origionally going to be a home bar but we don't really have any liquor to put in it as we are not that grown up and sophisticated) and obviously I've been pinning, pinning recipes, pinning dream houses, pinning random swimming pool architecture and the seasonally obligatory pinning of forty different ways to stuff a pumpkin and what not, so there... Are you happy??? And should you want proof click on the Pinterest logo on the above right and follow me and see for yourself.
And now the charming and hilariously funny Miss Picco is in on the highlighting nagging mix, though technically she is in a position to highlight nag as she does have a marvellous blog which she updates way more frequently than I do and I secretly think she must be even hotter than Stacey's Mom because she really does seem to have a lot more going on:-

Between the pair of them who needs Jewish parents?

NB:- Last week it was the Ganesha Festival and due to circumstances it was the first one we ever did at home, so it was ten days of Puja's and ten days of vegetarianism, where I had alarming attack of BWS (Bacon Withdrawal Symptoms) So the minute our idol was safely immersed and on his way I whipped out the lean mean machine an once I figured out you could just use a normal contact grill as a fancy panini machine there was no stopping the filling alternatives (which of course mainly featured bacon)
 Our favourites are as follows:-

1. Classic BLT
2. Sausage, Caramelised Onion & Sweet Chili Sauce
3. Meat Feast (basically all the meat you have in the fridge between the bread)
and here is another enjoy...
The BMC Club

4 rashers of bacon, pan fried
half a dozen button mushroom, sliced & sauteed
good handful of grated cheese
2 slices of thick white bread
Tomato relish or sweet chili dipping sauce
Assemble the sandwich & grill for 2-3 Mins

*Eat alone or make one for your nagging BF :)


  1. Well, that was fast. I guess all I have to do is give you a guilt-trip and you'll post later that day. I should do that more often...hmmm...

    Unfortunately, rashers of bacon aren't sold here in America. I'm tempted to not Google it just because I like pretending that a rasher is a pound, even though I'm pretty sure it's just a slice. That sandwich looks really good. Almost as good as the bacon and cheese double steakburger I had for dinner. Almost.

    Hearing that I've got more going on than Stacey's mom is pretty much the best (and weirdest?) compliment I've ever received. You=the bombdiggity. That's your American slang word of the day.

  2. Alas a rasher is just a slice but rasher does sound so much meatier...

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